Get access to all the business features you need. Achieve complete mobility and service continuity in any circumstances.

Softphone webRTC

It enables you to answer calls directly from your computer and removes your need to rely on external telecommunications devices.

Android & iOS mobile application

Get access to Voxbi through Android & iOS mobile applications.

Click-to-call from anywhere

With just one click, you can initiate a voice call directly from your browser, email, PDF…

Contact syncing

Import your contacts from different sources in Voxbi.

Custom greetings & music on hold

Record professional phone greetings to gain credibility with customers and partners.


Create a phone menu with directions on how the caller can contact a specific department, group, or agent via self-service.

Call routing

Define the opening hours for each of your phone numbers so that your team only receives calls when you’re in position to respond.

Smart call routing

Incoming calls are redirected and dispatch according to the real-time status of your users, to the most qualified and available to take the call.

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Call queuing

Customize and create call queues based on your needs.

VIP line

Choose and give priority to the customers which matter the most depending on your business.

Preferred agent

Preferred agent feature allows you to directly make calls to the right and same person.

Unlimited simultaneous outbound calls

Handle as many outbound calls as you desire, at the same time.

Call park

Place calls on hold in a cloud location, so everyone in your company can answer it.

Call back

It automatically calls back the phone left unanswered.

Queue callback

This feature allows you to request a call back and leave the queue.

Parallel call

Parallel calls allow you to put an active call on hold and place a new call to another number.

Call history

Get a look at your call history in a click.

Call recording

Our solution can automatically record incoming and outgoing calls of your employees. You can easily playback the call directly in the web browser or save it for later.

Caller ID

It transmits your telephone number & business name to the called party when calling.

Call masking

This feature allows you to ensure that your personal phone number stay private.

Call screening

Manage your incoming calls more efficiently and control who can reach your company.

Fixed-mobile convergence

Airports, hotels, bus, your office number follows you everywhere in all your daily moves.

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