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Application mobile pour Android et iPhone

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PC Windows

Application de bureau pour Windows 10 et plus


How to install Voxbi Desktop аpp?

  1. Download the Voxbi Desktop App from our website.
  2. Find the downloaded Voxbi file on your PC and open it. The installer starts automatic configuration.
Voxbi Desktop App installation
  1. Windows will ask for your permission to proceed with the installation. Click on the  Yes button to confirm that you agree.
user account permission
  1. After the installation is finished. Go to your Desktop and open Voxbi Shortcut from there.
Voxbi Shortcut

How to downgrade to a Voxbi older version?

  1. Uninstall the current version of the Voxbi app from your PC.
Voxbi Unistall
  1. Download the older version you want to use from the website. 
  2. Follow the steps described in the section How to install Voxbi Desktop App?

Do you know Voxbi fully works on a web browser?