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Add and edit personal contacts

Communicate and collaborate easier with people who do not work in your company 🗣️. Now users can add, edit and view personal contacts right in the Contacts section of your Voxbi App (mobile, desktop, or web-based). 

Add any of your family, friends, or associates phone numbers as contacts within the Voixbi Phone System, even when they are not Voxbi users. You can mark their phone number as private, so they will not be shared with the rest of the company 🔏.  

Enhance your productivity with that new feature which enables you to dial, text, or fax any of your private contacts with a single click. You do not need to juggle multiple devices and interrupt your daily workflow, if you need to reach someone from your personal contacts. Now you can do it right within the Voxbi App.

Paste to call

It is a fast-paced world out there, and you need tools to streamline your performance and speed 🚀. 

Look no further – with the new Voxbi feature Paste to call, you can copy a number from anywhere and simply paste it on Voxbi App to make a call. The copy-pasted text is captured by the dialer input field, and in seconds you are already calling that number 📲.

Save precious time⌛from entering manually each number you want to dial. With the paste to call feature, you can copy the telephone number from your prospect’s website or client’s email signature and paste it to start calling instantly.

Missed calls counter badge

Sometimes you cannot answer an incoming call as you are already engaged in an ongoing phone call, or you are unavailble. So you miss an important call. To be able to return it and not miss potential customers, we have created Missed calls counter badge.

When missed calls are registered on the server, a badge counter 🔢will be displayed in the History tab. The counter badge is placed in a very visible spot on the top bar within your Voxbi business phone app

Once you open the History tab, the badge will reset. Missed calls counter badge supports you during your phone intensive daily workflow. You can stay focused on your current tasks as you know that you will be notified 🔔about any missed calls that might occur.

Sort extensions by SOOP status 

sorting by status

Contact the right person at the right time! With Voxbi new feature, you can bring phone system customization 💻 to a whole new level. You can rearrange your dashboard display and choose to view your colleagues’ availability based on their real-time SOOP status.

The sorting order is pre-set in the Display Options of the Extensions tab. It cannot be changed (personal order preference was added in v1.2).

Dialer input search shows SOOP statuses and calls from history 

Now you can instantly spot the SOOP statuses of your coworkers while searching for a colleague in the dialer input. Once you start typing the phone number of a teammate in the dialer input section ⌨️ other extensions’ current SOOP status will also be displayed via a drop-down menu. 

You can immediately reach the colleague you need 🎯or the next one available to help you with your query. That streamlines your communication and boosts your productivity.

The same feature is also accessible in the History section, where matching results of your call history are also shown when you enter a part of the telephone number 📳. 

Searching extensions while in an extension group will also show out-of-group results 

search in group

Creating a group in the Extensions tab helps you organize better your communication with colleagues 🤝. Often you need to make a quick call to a co-worker who is not part of your group, so in the Search section above, search results from the group and all existing extensions will be displayed separately.

A valuable feature that helps you avoid interruptions of your conversations with the group members as you have access to the whole company ♾️ while you are still in the group section.

New web version alert 

Never miss the latest updates in Voxbi platform. When a new web version is available, a banner will be displayed with a reload button. Once you click it and you will have the latest version with all improvements and fixes at your disposal to stay productive 🆕.

The banner won’t appear during calls because reloading would terminate them. Once the call is over, you will have the alert on the top of the Voxbi web version.


History auto-refresh 

The call history list will refresh automatically. So you can always find 🔎 your latest calls from the call log and save time as the process is automated.

The web browser tab shows a lost connection 

When the Internet connection with our servers is lost, the web browser tab text will alternate between Voxbi and No internet connection. Once it is restored the Voxbi web version, will load automatically.

Click twice to call the last number 

As we try to optimize your time ⌚ and efforts 💪for contacting either your co-workers or people outside your company, you can get back to the last call number without any effort.

Clicking on the dialer call button will fill the input field with the last called number, and a second click will call that number. Often happens that we need to call back the last person we spoke to as we missed some detail to clarify. Ddouble click on the dialer call button, and you will be immediately connected 🎛️.

No more white page by deploying a new version of the phone system 

A tiny bug was fixed as some users reported they view a white page when they open the updated Voxbi app. Our crew found the problem, and now it is resolved 🛠️. A small bug fix, still contributing to the excellent customer experience which matters to us 🙌.