build 0426-1457


Enable/disable DND in the dialer

You can now effortlessly enable/disable the Do-Not-Disturb mode🔕 directly in the dialer. If you are in an important meeting, you should finish an urgent task, or you are unavailable, you can set the DND feature so that incoming calls go straight to your voicemail.

Do-not-disturb feature

Choosing the Do Not Disturb function gives you the option to decide which calls to answer and when to do it 🔇. It allows you to mute incoming calls, notifications, and sound alerts on the devices and tools you use daily. Anytime you are ready to handle the inbound calls, you can instantly disable DND in Voxbi dialer.

Early media messages will play correctly

Early media is audio received from a phone provider without or before the call connection. For example, dialing a number that does not exist will trigger an early media recording ⏺️ informing you that the number cannot be reached.


History shows contact names if the number is known

Now you can find in the History tab all contacts you have spoken to – with their names, if the number is known. Thus you can speed up 🚀 your communications by clicking on the call log and finding instantly people you contacted recently.

Better formatting for numbers 

All  Contacts numbers have better formatting available for any device – desktop or mobile. It guarantees improved readability which is a valuable detail, if you are looking at numbers displayed on your screen for hours ⌛.