Release notes v1.5 / v1.5.1

Build 0614-1720


In Status Changer, the name and extension are visible.

Now, users will be able to see👀 which extension number they are logged in as while also confirming the name of said extension. On smaller screens📱, only the extension number will remain visible.

Notifications when the user is available.

Users can now ask Voxbi to notify them when another extension changes to available status. Each user can decide which status they consider “available” in their User Settings.

Call feedback.

Users will now receive a message after a successful transfer 🔃 or when the line is not reachable.

Second incoming call alert.

When users get an incoming call while they are already on a call, a different sound can be played as an audio alert📣.


We also squashed some other minor bugs 🐛  and lubricated the gears.

  • Users can reset their password if they are logged in. If users forget their password, they can now trigger a reset password email.
  • We fixed the incorrect label on the dialer. If a user received an incoming call 📲, the label on the dialer would still show “call someone.
  • Clicking Voxbi notification will open Voxbi. If a user clicks on a Voxbi notification, the Voxbi tab will be focused.

v1.5.1 build 0614-1720


  • When in attended transfer mode, enable the keypad icon. Since an external destination number might have an RVI, we have enabled the keypad button during attended transfers for users.
  • “Hang up” the current call when a new one is incoming. Some users wanted to hang up a call when they received a new one. Now, they can choose to put a call on hold or hang it up when a new incoming call appears.

We also squashed some other minor bugs and organized our wiring.