Release notes v1.6


Build 1212-1108

Adding a number from history to contacts.

Users may now add an unregistered phone number from their history as a new or existing contact 📇.

Visibile DND status on extension cards.

Extension cards now display when an extension is on Do Not Disturb 🔕.

Sound devices persist across devices.

Users’ preferred output and input devices can be saved while using Voxbi on the same devices and others. There are some constraints to this possibility based on the language of the device and the way the OS identifies the device.

Remove Google STUN.

Google’s STUN server was replaced by Mixvoip’s for all clients.


  • Queue information for the Windows app. Now users will get notified if they are being called via a queue on the Voxbi Windows app.
  • Transfer bug corrections. Users should have fewer issues when receiving a call 📲 while in the middle of transfers. Ongoing calls will not be lost when receiving a new call.
  • Long extension numbers. Users with long extension numbers will be able to see them displayed properly on the status changer.
  • Improved history search. Users can now search their history records📜 by the name of a contact.
  • Do not disturb feedback. When a user toggles DND 🔕 they will now see a spinner while the server takes the new value. Suggested results on the dialer input will now indicate if an extension is in do not disturb mode.
  • Safari input device fix. The default input selected device is now properly displayed for Safari users.
  • Do not disturb the status on the navbar. When Voxbi is open on small devices, the DND status will be shown on the nav bar.
  • New Status Changer format. We re-arranged the order of the Status Changer to ensure users have no issues with TEMPUS buttons near the bottom border of the screen.
  • Fix on pick-up call information. When a user tried to read the caller information 🛈 while picking up a call 📞 on the Extensions page, the name would be obscured by an extension card below.
  • No status extension cards can now be sorted. By default, extension cards 🗃️ with no status will be displayed last when sorting extensions by status. Users can change this in their User Settings ⚙️.

We also squashed some other “minor bugs” and polished some parts.