Build 0518-1453


Enable/disable the second incoming call audio alert

When on a call, users receive visual and audio alerts 📹👂notifying them of another incoming call. If you are constantly on the phone, these alerts might be distracting. We want to help you stay focused during your conversations, so the audio alert can now be disabled in Settings

With just a click, you can enable back the audio alert 🔉to notify you if you expect an important call 📞 that you don’t want to miss.

Notifications with action buttons in the Windows app

When the Windows app 🪟native incoming call notification appears, users can choose Answer, Hangup, Dismiss, or open Voxbi. You decide how to handle the inbound call, and it should be the most convenient way for you.

By integrating the Windows app and Voxbi phone system, you gain additional interaction possibilities within the app, which increases flexibility and functionality for the end users.


Fixed dialing to countries that use (0); users can copy-paste them as is

If you are a global business, you should always pay attention to how to dial international phone numbers 🌍. Some countries use a number with digits only if calling from within the country and without the country prefix, like in +32 (0) 555 555000. 

Now Voxbi will dial it correctly, dropping the internal-only digits when needed. The feature works for any country, so you should stop wondering how exactly to type any phone number manually. Just copy-paste the number as it is within Voxbi, and the phone app will successfully manage the rest. Save time and reduce the number of misdialed phone numbers 👇. 

v1.4.1 build 0518-1453


Disable the “HPP is not reachable” grey banner

Occasionally when the connection to our API server is lost, a grey banner on the top of the Voxbi page notifies users to be aware of that. In several seconds utmost, the banner disappears as the connection is restored. Usually, our users do not notice these connectivity issues as they happen for a few seconds and do not cause any interruptions of the callflow.

Yet, we decided to disable this alert as we found out it did not give any valuable information to the users. On the contrary, it made them too worried 🤔without any real cause.

Fixes drag and drop on Safari when using Sorting by Status settings

Good news for everyone using Safari OS. Now you can easily rearrange the sorting order by real-time SOOP status. On the Settings tab, you can drag and drop different status bars and determine the order in which extensions will be displayed. You can set the order to match your personal preferences helping you achieve higher efficiency and productivity 🎖️..

Corrects on-hover behavior and padding of the toggle switch UI element 

A minor bug is fixed to give our users an overall positive calling experience while using Voxbi. So when the on-hover is removed from the toggle switch UI element, it instantly restores its previous size and place.