Voxbi roadmap

Last updated on Tue, Jan 23.

Recently delivered

  • Updating Voxbi for Windows deployed MSI is now optional – for clients with centralized deployment, the IT department can test new versions of our app while users keep working with the current version. If the reload banner appears, fear not, it’s a small bug fix.

For all added features, check out our Release notes v1.6 page.

What’s coming

Q1 2023

  • The call stack – a new multiple calls handling experience—each call is displayed in a separate card. Your active call is shown above the dialpad, and all other calls are in a separate column. Too many calls? Any call can be transferred or hung up without picking them up again.
  • Faster and more reliable mobile notifications – we’ll have a new enterprise-grade push notifications provider to guarantee your notifications always arrive and arrive on time.
  • Complete interface for VoIP calls on Android – holding, making a second call, and transferring, attended or blind, will be as easy as if you were using Voxbi on your desktop.

Q2 2023

  • VoIP calls on iOS – calling through WiFi or 4/5G, already available on Android, will be possible for iOS users.
  • Apple CarPlay integration – call contacts and change your status while driving.

End of 2023

  • Voxbi Cockpit and PBX 2.0 beta – a brand new PBX with a modern management interface. Our calling system will receive improvements across the board, and some new and exclusive features will be added.

    Want to route calls based on spoken languages? We have you covered. Even more flexible, use tags to route calls. More features will be announced here in due time, so stay tuned.